Since the creation of FEMBoSA, annual meetings were held in Pakistan (2011), in India (2012), in Bhutan (2013), Nepal (2014), Sri Lanka (2015), and the last meeting held in Maldives (2016). In this meeting, it was decided to hold the eighth annual meeting of FEMBoSA in Afghanistan. The Agenda of the annual meetings are aimed to hold discussions on important current topics relevant to election management and electoral process, giving special attention to the region and decisions being taken on the incoming chairperson of FEMBoSA and the hosting country of the next meeting. 8th annual meeting of FEMBoSA will be hosted by Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan in Kabul from 24 to 26th September 2017 on the themes: - Election and Dispute Resolutions; and - No Voter to be left behind

In brief, The local hospitality (accommodation, meals, local transportation and cultural tour) will be provided by Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC).

All other costs including visa, travel cost and meals during travel shall be borne by the participants.

Expected arrivals: 23 Sep 2017
Expected departure: 27 Sep 2017
Local time: (GMT+4:30)
Followed by a one day cultural tour, 8th FEMBoSA Annual Meeting will be held in Hotel Intercontinental Kabul, Kabul city, Afghanistan.

24 – 25 September 2017
Despite Kabul is relatively stable than other provinces, security measures have been taken to assure full safety of the participants.

Armored vehicles will take the participants from the airport to hotel with other security measures including security armed guards.

For better safety and security Kindly use ID cards/badges in all sessions/ programs.
Rooms/suits have been reserved for participants as per the details below:
Froshgah Street, Kabul, Afghanistan
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 34.5203° N, Longitude: 69.1780° E
Tel: (93) 799654000
Fax: (93) 799654111Kabul, Afghanistan

For details see this link: http://www.serenahotels.com/serenakabul/default-en.html

For communication, each participant will be provided a free pre-paid sim-card with 250 AFN balance and 1.5 GB Internet.

Tight Security measures in place while entering Kabul Serena Hotel
Buffet breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be provided during your stay. All the food is halal.

During the events, refreshments will be provided two times a day with famous dry fruits of Afghanistan.

Buffets includes veg and non-veg foods including delicious Afghani fruits
The currency of Afghanistan is (Afghani) and its code is AFN. Afghani consists of banknotes and coins (coins: 1-5 Afghanis) .

1 USD = Approximately 68 AFN

The commercial rate is subject to change daily. US dollars can be easily exchanged at hotels and airports though the rates are little higher than open market.
Only cash is accepted in most places however, cards (Visa, Mastercard, ….) can be used to get cash from Atms.
From 23-26 Sept, the weather in Kabul will be normal during the day but it might get slight colder during the night time.

The highest Temperature during the day will be around 20° C and during the night the lowest temperature will be around 10° C.

During the cultural tour, the weather in Bamyan province is relatively colder than Kabul especially during the night time. Therefore, jackets/warm clothes are advised.
All participants must have a valid passport or travel document with valid Afghan visa.

Facilitation letters for obtaining visa have already been issued to the Afghan Embassies in your countries.

Upon arrival visa will only be issued to the citizens of Countries in which Afghanistan does not have diplomatic representation (Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan).
Afghan Visa will be issued free of any charges to diplomatic and service passport holders.
No vaccination is required for entering Afghanistan.

No health insurance is required for obtaining Afghan visa.

In case of emergency health problems during the stay in Kabul, Security hospital will provide necessary health services.
A one day cultural tour has been arranged in bamiyan PROVINCE, the first cultural capital of SAARC for visiting Band-e Amir National Park, historical Buddha statues and historical Ghulghula city located in central high lands of Afghanistan.

Round trip air travel arrangements from and to Kabul, local transportation and meal has been arranged in Bamyan.

26 September 2017
- Business at the meeting sessions;
- Informal for the dinners or invitations;
- Casual for cultural tour.. Weather forecast predicts cold in central highlands, please consider warm cloths;
- Women participants are advised to put headscarf during the cultural tour.
Queries on 8th FEMBoSA Annual Meeting preparations may be made to:
? Mr. Abdul Rahim Nawakhtyar
E- mail: nawakhtyar@iec.org.af
Mobile phone : +93 790 69 21 61

Mrs. Marzia Siddiqi Salim
Email: marzia.seddiqi@iec.org.af
Mobile phone : +93 790 692 162

Independent Election Commission – IEC