The Forum of the Election Management Bodies of South Asia (FEMBoSA)

Since the creation of FEMBoSA, annual meetings were held in Pakistan (2011), in India (2012), in Bhutan (2013), Nepal (2014), Sri Lanka (2015), and the last meeting held in Maldives (2016). In this meeting, it was decided to hold the eighth annual meeting of FEMBoSA in Afghanistan.

The Agenda of the annual meetings are aimed to hold discussions on important current topics relevant to election management and electoral process, giving special attention to the region and decisions being taken on the incoming chairperson of FEMBoSA and the hosting country of the next meeting.

8th annual meeting of FEMBoSA is hosted by Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan in Kabul from 24 to 26th September 2017 on the themes:
- Election and Dispute Resolutions; and
- No Voter to be left behind